How to Renew Your Raffle License

The laws that govern raffles have changed, effective July 1, 2015. Please click here for a condensed version of the changes. Certain raffle licenses may be renewed on-line. To file your raffle renewal and report online, you must have your current raffle license number and your organization must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The total number of raffles conducted must not exceed 365; and
  2. The raffle license will expire within the next 60 days or has expired within the last 30 days.

Payment will be made by credit card and processed through our e-payment system.

If your organization does not meet the above criteria or you do not have a credit card that can be used for the on-line renewal process, you must file your report and renewal by mail.

To process the renewal on-line, please click on the link below:

Raffle On-Line Renewal

To process the renewal via print and mail:

If your license expired prior to 7/1/15, please click on this link to print a copy of the renewal report to complete by hand and mail in.Raffle Report/Renewal prior to 7/1/15. A pdf-fillable form is also available by clicking here

Raffle Forms and Information

Printing Class A Raffle Tickets:

If you need to print Class A raffle tickets, please use your current license number. As long as your license is valid at the time of printing, you may print your Class A raffle tickets with that current number, even if your drawing is after the expiration date. Be sure to file your renewal prior to the expiration date so there is not a gap in your license periods. If your license is expired you MUST wait for the renewed license number to be issued before printing tickets.

If you have any questions regarding Raffles, please call us at 608-270-2552 or 1-800-791-6973 or to send an e-mail, click here.